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Take your best shot

Times change. Now that I have that cliché out of the way … Back in the day, we had to get accredited to take a camera into a concert. We’d wear our dorky press passes around our necks and lug any amount of gear into the arena, entering through a door reserved for VIPs.

Looking back

I kept getting an error message on my phone. Low storage. I had to clear up space somehow. Without deleting valuable apps (and shaking my first at HTC for its bloatware), I knew I had to do one thing. Delete pictures.

Just one day

In 2009, I started a Christmas tradition for myself. Some might call it “quirky.” Others might call it “old-fashioned.” You might even want to tell me to get with it, because “social media doesn’t take a day off.” All I ask is that for one day — Christmas Day to be exact — I don’t …

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