Looking back

I kept getting an error message on my phone. Low storage. I had to clear up space somehow. Without deleting valuable apps (and shaking my first at HTC for its bloatware), I knew I had to do one thing. Delete pictures.

One sure step

I bought a dress. It’s the dress I plan on wearing to the courthouse or wherever we end up getting married. More on that another day (Vegas, anyone?) but first, ordering the dress. It may seem like a benign moment to some. It was, however, a small milestone on a recent journey of struggle.

Missing you

There are certain moments of the day I simply can’t do without. And the past two days have been lessons in living without. The thump of the tail on the floor when I call out his name in the morning. His smiling face storming up the stairs when I get home after a day at …

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Why my dog rocks

What makes Shep so awesome? What is it about him that makes me disinterested in activities that don’t include him? Why do I feel awful when I leave him home for long periods of time unattended? Shep and I celebrated our sixth anniversary together on May long weekend. I remember well our first weekend. We …

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