More waiting

This should have been us today: OK, slight role reversal. Gerard Depardieu is playing my character and Andie MacDowell is in the role of My American. Also, we go without the subterfuge, since we were in love from Day 1. In any case, when we left the U.S. Federal Court House in downtown Spokane this …

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Looking back

I kept getting an error message on my phone. Low storage. I had to clear up space somehow. Without deleting valuable apps (and shaking my first at HTC for its bloatware), I knew I had to do one thing. Delete pictures.

The light at the end of the tunnel

It finally happened. I called the National Visa Center and — after almost 80 days of multiple redials and hours left on hold — the sweet voice on the other end said “your case arrived today.” Then on Wednesday, Max had our case number for us.