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Image Optimization

Choose the right format GIF and PNG are best for small images with few colors and transparencies, such as logos, icons and design elements JPG is the most common but we are moving toward NextGen formats such as WebP and JPG2000 Caveat: Most content management systems do not accept NextGen uploads. Use a plugin such […]

Optimization Checklist

Meta title This is generally the same as the headline on your page or post. It should entice people to click on your link and read your content. Include your targeted keyword or keyword phrase and try to use it toward the beginning. Keep length to less than 65 characters. URL structure Use your targeted […]

Take your best shot

Times change. Now that I have that cliché out of the way … Back in the day, we had to get accredited to take a camera into a concert. We’d wear our dorky press passes around our necks and lug any amount of gear into the arena, entering through a door reserved for VIPs.

It’s time for a chowdown!

The first frost is coming. Soon. Yet my garden is teeming with tomatoes. Some are red, a lot are still green. It’s been a kick not having to buy certain vegetables for the past couple of months: zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, chard, lettuce … and herbs, so many herbs!

Digging deep

I am in a rut. And it’s deep. Oh boy, is it deep. This is not a personal-life rut. No, in fact, today is the six-month anniversary of the day I married My American. We said our vows in front of a handful of friends, pledging to hold each other’s hand along this journey called […]

Make sure your fur baby is microchipped

We called him Buddy. Turned out, his name was Frankie. We took Bella for an evening walk about a month ago, strolling around our Spokane Valley neighborhood, when I saw a loose dog. He seemed friendly, but he was a bit scared. And he had an open wound on his left forepaw. He had no […]

We’re strutting our stuff this weekend

Pawpular Companions first hit my radar in the fall of 2013. I was on the hunt for raw food, after switching my beloved Shep over from dry. Shep’s spirit has since moved on to running through all the alpine flower-laden meadows he can find and lapping up all the water in pristine glacier lakes on […]